Crafting Freedom

Crafting Freedom


Words by Oliver Buffet | Photography by Josh Hilliam & Jasper Gibson
A Film by Josh Hilliam & Double Vision NZ



In the world of motorbiking, there are riders, and then there are those whose passion for two wheels is nothing short of an exhilarating life journey. 

I was born in Toulouse, France, in the vibrant 1980s, and my own adventure with motorcycles has been a colorful tale, woven through the fabric of family, friends and a relentless love for the open road.

My first inspiration in the world of mechanics and motorcycles came from an extraordinary man, my talented grandfather, who was born in Morocco. His magical ability to fix and rebuild anything left an indelible mark on my young mind. Little did I know that his passion for tinkering with engines would eventually become my own driving force.

The moment I swung my leg over the saddle and twisted the throttle for the first time, I was hooked. That adrenaline rush, the wind in my face, and the thrill of the ride became an addiction. 

In 2017, my wife and daughter and I moved to Queenstown, New Zealand. It was a fresh start in a new country, a new language to learn and a new business venture to launch. Once the family was settled, I began to yearn for a new motorcycle project – and that led to the birth of a Scrambler. 

The journey to build the perfect Scrambler began with the gift of a 1986 Honda FT 400 from my wife. It was the blank canvas I needed. I envisioned a bike that was not only stylish but also versatile – perfect for navigating the bustling streets of Queenstown and exploring the rugged backcountry roads and trails of New Zealand. 

I modified and painted the frame, sourced brand-new parts, and meticulously planned every detail. Then came that unforgettable moment when my wife and I fired up the engine for the first time, and the 1986 Scrambler roared to life.

From the streets of Toulouse to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, my passion for motorcycles has been an enduring adventure filled with family, friends and unforgettable moments. Riding the 1986 Scrambler through the stunning vistas of Queenstown, I’m reminded that the love of motorcycles isn’t just about the ride: It’s about the incredible stories and experiences that come along with it.


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