Metanoia in Morocco

Metanoia in Morocco


Forward by Joel Fuller  | With journal entries & photography by Tyler Ravelle

Five days of riding in Morocco: 800-plus miles, 98% off-road, lungs full of dust, boots full of sand, cracked lips, best friends, poorly filtered gas, tagines, mint tea, cafe au laits, 6th gear pinned across the Western Sahara. Nerves, pain and sorrow overcome from the recent unforeseen passing of a father bonded by life on two wheels. 

Two weeks before Tyler Ravelle’s trip to Morocco, I received a phone call from him asking, “Would you like to go to Morocco and ride dirt bikes?” A friend of his was originally supposed to join him, but had to cancel at the last minute, so a spot opened up. Despite the need for a difficult conversation with my then-significant other about canceling a trip to Hawaii … I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join Ty on this adventure.

Ty and I have a close bond, forged by our shared love of riding, photography and storytelling. It was an honor for me to join him on this trip, especially given the very recent loss of his father in a motorcycle accident. I was glad to be there to support him during this difficult time and help document our journey together. It would be the first time he set off on a motorcycle since his father’s passing.

In the following pages, you will find Ty’s journal entries from our trip. We hope that through his words, you will get not only a sense of our adventures in this beautiful country, but also a deeper understanding of the close and personal relationship between Ty and his father.









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