Seek the Authentic

Seek the Authentic


A film by Ben Giese and Daniel Fickle | Photography by Tyler Ravelle
In collaboration with REV’IT!



Exploring the natural world on a motorcycle offers countless opportunities to encounter the sublime. Whether it’s witnessing a breathtaking sunset, standing at the foot of a majestic mountain, or overcoming challenges alongside friends, seeking those authentic moments allows you to lose yourself in the core elements of the adventure. The sensation of the wind on your face and the dirt beneath your tires, the ever-changing temperatures as you ride through different altitudes, the fragrances of the forests, and the sounds of the countryside. These moments enable the opportunity to disconnect from work and all the other stresses of life, because when you hit the trail, everything else tends to fade away.

Being present and open to those authentic experiences not only deepens your connection with nature, but it also pushes you physically and mentally to discover new depths of self-awareness, resilience and perspective. You become attuned to the world around you, and this intimate proximity with the elements makes you feel more vulnerable, which can be humbling and grounding.

When the weather turns bad and it starts raining, you might initially feel a bit disappointed. However, as you navigate through it, getting wet and splashing through puddles, your goggles soaked, seeing everyone else having fun, it feels like being a kid again playing in a sandbox or splashing around in the mud. These kinds of experiences can profoundly impact your sense of self. Such is the intense and transcendent power of off-road exploration.

You may or may not see your riding buddies often, and you might even meet some of them for the first time on a ride, but it takes only about five seconds once everyone arrives and unloads their bikes for you to instantly become friends. The unforgettable experiences shared with those friends forges a connection that can last a lifetime.

And while not all of us have the same terrain or circumstances in our own backyards, you can usually find accessible areas waiting to be explored. Stepping away from the crowd and finding space for yourself is an integral part of the off-road riding experience – it offers a chance to truly escape. Adventure doesn’t always have to involve a grand trip to some exotic location across the world: It can be found in the simple joy of a weekend ride at home with your friends.


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