The Land Of Fire and Ice

The Land Of Fire and Ice


Photography by Tyler Ravelle | Words by Ben Giese

From the moment he was born in the cracks of the earth, his soul burned for her cold embrace. He would suffer through an eternity of fire and hell as his molten heart poured out into the bottom of the sea, but he never stopped reaching for the heavens. A place at the top of the world where she would be waiting to heal his wounds and cover up the scars of his past. Where they could dance in harmony for millions of years as she carved a beautiful new life around his rough edges. 

They would create a home full of enchantment, with black sand that sleeps under soft blankets of green and majestic peaks that sparkle off electric blue lakes. Where frozen days turn to midnight dreams under a luminescent sky. A place of timeless time, primordial and immortal. Endless and infinite. Where Mother Earth would paint her greatest masterpiece.

They lived there together in perfect harmony and lost themselves in eternal romance. His heart still brimmed with violent flames, but she always had a way of holding him close and cooling him down. He would be lost without her, and she promised her love would never end. But over time he began to notice a change in her body. She felt smaller somehow and seemed sick, as if the fever of the world was just too much. 

He gave her a shoulder to cry on as she withered and wept in rivers and waterfalls down the surface of his back, and he stood strong as her life slowly trickled out to sea. One day soon she will cry her last drop, and his heart will turn to stone. Alone in the North until he burns out and crumbles to dust. 

Nothing can last forever, so he’ll just have to cherish the precious time they have left. The final days of paradise, somewhere over the rainbow. The end of the ice.

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