By Dylan Wineland & Aaron McClintock



At some point there seems to be a defining moment in life where you learn to let go. Sometimes, not by choice. And often times it comes to us as the illusion of defeat, while in reality, it was the very thing we needed to guide us to where we had to go.

About a year ago, Aaron and I came across the Buddhist word, Ensō. This single word described everything that we had been talking about for the last year or so. By definition, it represents and suggests cutting the desire for perfection and allowing things to be just as they are.

Understanding that perfection doesn’t exist allows you to move through life gracefully, free of unnecessary pressure. It opens the door to allow situations to unfold naturally, and invites intuition and creativity to move through. For Aaron, riding is a great place to practice this concept. It’s a place that he can go where the universe can reveal these sort of secrets.

In this film, we ride along with Aaron as he takes a journey into the idea letting go and simply being.

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