Postcard from Sardinia

Postcard from Sardinia


Words by Max Duff | Photography by Gorm Taube

On May 2019, I received an order from a customer with an intriguing name: Gorm Taube. At that time, my small brand, Akin Moto, had been around for only about eight months, and orders were few and far between. So, this particular name caught my attention. But little did I know, this guy wasn’t just another customer: He was a maestro behind the lens of a camera, and destiny would weave our paths together to form a close friendship.

Fast-forward to early 2022, and I decided it was time to take my little company to the next level and produce a “real” campaign. So, we exchanged some emails and made plans, and before I knew it, Gorm, a 

cinematographer named Calvin Kretzing and I were jetting off to the dreamy shores of the Italian isle of Sardinia.

An Australian, a Swede and a German setting off on a grand adventure in a foreign land. This isn’t one of those dramatic tales filled with struggles and uncertainties, questioning whether we would succeed. It’s simply a collection of snapshots, a montage of moments that capture our shared passion for two-wheeled exploration and living life to the fullest.

We hope these images inspire you to reach out to your friends, fuel up your bikes and embark on a journey of your own to discover the wonders of this beautiful planet.


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