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Fall 2023

Fall 2023

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So many people live hollow and empty lives in an endless pursuit to accumulate wealth and status. Instead, we should focus on amassing the more intangible treasures of life – the moments that crystallize into memories, and the bonds we forge with the people who enrich our journeys. Because true happiness dwells in the ephemeral, the unquantifiable, the things that can be neither bought nor sold, but are instead etched indelibly into our hearts, forever.

For this issue (as for all our issues), we continued that mission to collect beautiful moments. We kindled new connections on the sun-soaked shores of Sardinia and rekindled time-honored friendships along the secluded coastline of Java. Through the lens of our staff photographer, we learned to perceive the world from new perspectives, and we found inspiration from a dear friend and his escape from darkness to uncover a meaningful life. We revved our engines on some rugged trails in the mountains of Idaho with a remarkable family, and we uncovered the sublime beauty of our own backyard in the Rocky Mountains on a ride close to home.


132 pages of beautiful photography and stories of motorcycles, the places they take us, and the people who ride them. Printed on premium paper using a traditional offset printing process for the highest possible quality, with greater detail and color fidelity.

Your coffee table will thank you.

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